My name is Krzysztof Janiszewski, I am the originator of the EVEREST GLOBE project, while the creative agency ToliToli, NIP 6452453660 is in charge of management, sales. Our main area of ​​investment interest is the FOREX market and our offer includes two divisions, SYGNAŁY and SOFTWARE. The first one is aimed at people who want to make a passive income, while the second one is intended for people who play on this market themselves.


We work with experienced traders and through the results we want to show how to make money on Forex. It requires a lot of determination, time, learning and patience. Unfortunately, not many people can afford it and those who tried their best out of curiosity, usually ended with a zero balance. Our beginnings were also not the easiest but we did not give up, and after a dozen or so years of continuous gaining experience with full awareness, we can say that it is possible to make a decent income on this market. That is why we have created the EVEREST GLOBE project, which is based on cooperation, from the broker, through experienced traders up to the technology providers enabling full automation, ie Signal Start, Mql5, Etoro or Zulu Trade. The most important assumption of the project is that everyone, regardless of whether he is a professional player of many years or a novice, could earn in a passive manner without any interference in the market. One thing that remains on the client's side is the skillful management of capital. More information on this subject in the client's panel.

We belong to 10% of people on the Forex market, which are systematically earning what is confirmed by our statistics - unfortunately 90% of people on Forex lose. We focus on making our strategies a stable profit - we focus on regularity and not on perceived percentages.


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I started my adventure with capital markets in 2003 when the first legal regulations regarding forex were created and when the first licensed broker appeared in the country. When, after the first few dozen successful transactions, the time of a series of failures came, I understood that the key to success is solid education and gaining experience under the guidance of profit trades. I started a cycle of learning about technical and fundamental analysis, read dozens of books describing the operation of financial markets, tested countless machines, went through many different trainings, for which I spent about PLN 60,000, after years of hard work and several thousand hours spent before charts, work out the style of a profitable trader.
Today I am one of several dozen traders managing independently and successfully a part of the futures and forex market in an investment fund, and co-managing in the heding fund, combining passion with lifestyle.


I started the adventure with trading in 2004. Initially, like every novice I lost mainly. I got to know many trading strategies but none of them paid. I went to the trader's school. I started looking for professional traders, someone who makes money. Together with fellow traders from the school, we got to know the profi traders who showed us how to understand the market, they taught several trades tips. The market is volatile, but thanks to this volatility, our trading is effective and very profitable. The key element of our game is money management, risk reduction.



For us, development is a very important issue, which is why in our offer there was the possibility of buying proprietary software for the Forex market. It is a tool supporting independent trading, based on the HEDGE strategy. More information in the HEDGE 2.0 section



Krzysztof Janiszewski

Regards and invite you to cooperation.

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Project features:
- Real products
- Results available on line
- 100% deposit control by the client
- ECN licensed broker
-Verified partners
- Experienced traders

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