Everything is overwhelming what service you are interested in. When talking about automatic signals, you do not need to have any experience in the Forex market, because all the work is done by the traders for you. The only thing that is on your side is the skillful management of capital. However, the HEDGE 2.0 software is a tool that supports independent play.


In general reasoning, the bot (Expert Advisor) is a script created by a human based on a specific strategy. We can distinguish between two basic types of bots, automatic, where the man does not have to do anything and semi-automatic, that is, where the trader himself enters the position and the rest deals with the software (bot). This is the case with our HEDGE 2.0 software.

In both cases, you need experience in the forex market.


This is typical passive earning, i.e. without our interference, and you do not need experience in the forex market. Our experienced traders deal with trading on it, our only task is skillful capital management.

Yes, it depends on us when we enter the position and on what settings the HEDGE 2.0 bot will work

BNo, everyone who purchases the software will receive instructions, moreover, on our YT channel you will find a lot of videos on the subject.

Our task consists mainly in proper capital management. All options are loaded in the client panel, which are available after activating the account.

No. it is very easy. In addition, there is help from our side and instructions on the back office.

In this type of investments there is always a risk of resetting the account. Our task, however, is through our experience, minimize this risk, as much as possible. We do not give a guarantee for a profit

No, if your broker:

- is a licensed fully regulated ECN broker

- has a 1: 500 ratio which is a must

- SPREAD at the level of 0.0

Otherwise, we recommend opening an account with our broker


To delete your account, just send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking you to delete your account


The quickest and non-commissioning deposit option is via a credit or debit card, PayPal, Skrill or Netteler


If the payment was made by card or bitcoin, then you can only withdraw in this way your initial deposit.

The entire income (revenue) can be paid only by WIRE TRANSFER, i.e. PayPal, Skrill, Netteler or directly to the bank.


If you want to make a withdrawal to PayPal, you must first make a deposit via PayPal..

Project features:
- Real products
- Results available on line
- 100% deposit control by the client
- ECN licensed broker
-Verified partners
- Experienced traders

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