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Broker - an entity (a legal person, a natural person or an organizational unit without legal personality) providing certain services, acting on someone else's account. There is an example of a brokerage house conducting so-called brokerage activities, acting as an intermediary in transactions concluded on the stock exchange on behalf of its clients. Brokers charge commissions for their services, the amount of which depends on several factors. for example, the size of the position being opened or the amount of commission for each lot. The brilliant type MARKETER MAKER is the most reliable type of broker, we advise brokers of the MARKETER MAKER type, they are brokers who check their clients by not letting them into the real market, manipulate charts and most often bend some bananas, etc. so that the person only registers. We recommend the proven Australian broker ICMARKETS  In addition, after the law changes in the European Union resulting in a maximum leverage of 1:30, IC MARKETS offers its customers a maximum leverage of 1: 500



Trading / trading - makes purchase and sale transactions on the financial market. Trade allows you to enter into many transactions, often referred to as "opening positions", with a small amount of funds available, mainly due to the use of financial leverage.


MT4 platform - the most popular digital trading platform on the Forex and CFD markets. We use it, There are also other platforms such as MT5 or CTRADER


PIPS - is the smallest possible value by which the price of the instrument can change. Pips are also known as points or ticks for most currency pairs. Pip is the fourth decimal number, but in some cases it is the second number.
You can find information about the exact size of the pips on a given market on the internet. Profit on the Forex market by professionals is defined in pips or percentages.


Spread - means the difference between the purchase and sale price of a given asset. It also means the amount of commission for the broker.


Stop loss (SL) - an order for the broker to automatically close the position if the rate was not consistent with the direction in which we took the position.


Take profit (TP) - an order to automatically close positions in order to realize profits, if the exchange rate reached the amount specified in the order.


Lot - is defined as a unit of transaction size used when trading in the financial market and is one of the most important elements of risk management. The flight is also known as the size of the contract, which on Forex is 100,000 units.


Signal (automatic) - this is information about what to buy, how much and for how much to sell. In the automatic case trader do everything for you


Servers VPS - Virtual Private Server is one of the methods of physical division of the machine into a part, each of which imitates a separate physical server. It is a solution indirectly between dedicated and shared hosting. We use the VPS server to install the MT4 platform for trading there, we do not have to have the commuter on non-stop.


Expert Advisor (EA) - this is software that supports independent trade. They are installed on a trading platform, eg. MT4 Advisor is an automatic or semi-automatic program, which was written in the programming language of MetaQuotes Language (MQL), depending on the platform version it will be MQL4 or MQL5.