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Forex is an international financial market where currency exchange takes place. It was founded in 1976 when the whole world abandoned the gold parity system and adopted the Jamaican system, promoting the free flow of currencies. Since then, trading on the Forex market has become a completely normal operation in the global economy and a factor ensuring unimpeded flow of capital between countries.


The Forex market is an international market with no physical location. Market participants carry out their transactions from anywhere in the world via electronic trading platforms.


Traders operating on the Forex market exchange currencies and have the opportunity to make large profits. Income comes from differences in exchange rates. These differences result from constant fluctuations in the value of individual currencies. This type of transaction became known as speculative trading. For example, if today you buy the euro for $ 1.5 and its value on tomorrow increases to $ 1.7, then you will earn $ 0.2 on the next day selling the euro.


The Forex currency market was ultimately created to allow currency exchange for banks, companies and individual countries. In addition, they use this market for transactions hedging against a change in exchange rates in the wrong direction and speculation, i.e. entering into currency transactions to earn on them. 


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